What does ‘Usage’ mean?

‘Usage’ refers to 2 additional monthly fees we levy: amount of numbers utilized & minutes consumed every month. We’ve structured pricing this way to provide flexibility for small & medium sized businesses. If it’s confusing, consider the Leased car example; you have a monthly lease payment (ie. our base monthly fee), but in addition also pay for oil changes (ie. tracking numbers), & gasoline (ie. minutes). Both usage fees cover our base cost from our service provider, Twilio, and any remaining profit is directly re-invested back into for maintenance, upkeep, and future development. 

How can you charge so much less?

We’re cheaper than our competitors because our overhead is whole heck-of-a-lot smaller. And we’re bootstrapped. No VC funding – just some friends who collectively invested, and set-out to build a simpler, basic call tracking software service. To scratch our own itch, so to speak. And instead of being stingy and keeping the software in-house, we opened up registration for other friendly folks to use.     

If bells & whistles are what you’re after, we’re probably not a great fit (not yet, at least). But if you’re looking for a dependable & reasonably priced call tracking software service, you’ve found your match.